U7's GSY v JSY all uploaded now

18th February 2007
All images from both days are now uploaded and complete.
Some images might benifit from a crop etc but this is only done in the printing stage.

A big thanks to Ian Farrell and his team for organising the weekend and giving the kids a great couple of days competition, to follow up all their hard work in training.

For this portfolio you will require a password, if you wish to view then please contact your team coach for details.

If you scroll down the home page to Pitch Sports you will see an image with U7's GSY v JSY in red writing on top. If you click on the red writing this will then bring up the password box. Once entered you will enter a page which will give you an option of viewing a slide show. Just click on the red writing.

You can also manually scroll through the images and you will need to click on the image underneath U7's GSY v JSY on the home page.