The Army Point-To-Point - Larkhill Racecourse

27th February 2010
The going Good to soft was later changed to soft as further rain fell during the first 2 races.

First Race:The Military riders Club Members Race
1st No.4 Gold Heart
2nd No.13 What Of It
3rd No.12 Ungargo
4th No.8 Overbury Pearl

Second Race : The Ladies Open Race
1st No.14 Theatre Diva
2nd No.6 Gold Meadallist
3rd No.7 Man From Highworth
4th No.3 Dumadic

Third Race : The Mens Open Race
1st No.22 Thisthatandtheother
2nd No.3 Buckby Lane
3rd No.14 Merry Vic
4th No.20 Sudden Arrival

Fourth Race : The Five,Six,Seven& Eight-Year-Olds Open Maiden Race (Division 1)
1st No.14 Mr Hudson
2nd No.23 Vinatge Class
3rd No.3 Allerford Jack
4th No.8 Double Tangle

Fifth Race : The Five,Six,Seven& Eight-Year-Olds Open Maiden Race (Division 2)
1st No.16 Nicolas The Spark
2nd No.17 Outnumbered
3rd No.10 Holywell Ryde
4th No.15 Mister Cee Jay

sixth Race : The Restricted Race
Division 1
1st No.9 Garton King
2nd No.29 St Georgina
3rd No.1 Aitchjayem
4th No.18 Kingsford Cowboy

Division 2
1st No.5 Cousin John
2nd No.35 Timall
3rd No.34 The Stroker