Photography from the Jersey 2 day Motorcross.

09th September 2007
Update 16/10/07

All images have now been added in a seperate gallery under the motocross section.

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Firstly thanks to Jersey Motorcycle and Light Car Club and in particular Chris and Dawn Dorey for their assistance.

A great day for motorcross action, and was sorry not able to catch the racing Sunday, as well.

Sunny and hot, extreme riding conditons to the Guernsey folk!

As I took so many images I have only loaded a few so far mainly of the Guernsey riders and Alderney of course.

Not sure if Carl was trying out Speedway or trying to stop others overtaking, but he managed to ride it out.
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I have over a 1,000 images left on the drive, so if you want to see any not loaded on the website, please e-mail me your race number and I can load them up later.

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