Information required from Pewsey v Marlborough Rugby match 03/11/12

03rd November 2012
I hope that there is some common decency left in this part of the world.

The gentleman pictured below left at the start of the second half in a large blue estate car. I had spoken to him as it was very tight on the parking and he was blocked in. He had not wanted me to move my car as someone else was giving him an exit point.

Now thanks to his actions I have some great big blue scratch marks down my car covering 2 doors.

What makes me so mad is he must of known he had hit my car by the amount of damage caused, and he knew who I was, and I could not of been more than a 100 yards in front of him.

Hopefully someone will let me know who he is, because I do not see why his actions should leave severely out of pocket.